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we sell small business.

Because we're a small business too.

our story

Tizza Design was founded in 2018, but our story starts long before that.

15 years ago, Hayley Ottman was living aboard a family sailboat called Esprit de Tizza, complete with an upbringing straight out of National Geographic. Travelling to ten countries across two oceans allowed her to experience incredible environments and cultures beyond her own, and unfortunately highlighted a sad truth: that so much of the world has been ruined by the corporate sector. Seeing pristine beaches littered with mass-produced plastic rubbish, watching five-star resorts being built next to houses made out of cardboard, and personally witnessing the exponential decline of our wildlife is enough to make any 10-year-old vow to change the world.

Now, Hayley has founded Tizza Design in hopes of using small business to be that change. Combining strategic design with talented creatives and entrepreneurs with big dreams, she hopes to drive small business performance for environmentally-friendly and socially-innovative pursuits.

Tizza isn’t just the name of a sailboat from a childhood past. It also means “born to be executive” — to exhibit leadership and innovation. So many small businesses and start-ups have revolutionary and innovative offerings, but fail to have their message heard. Tizza Design provides the strategic advice and executive-level design that they need in order to achieve their potential and make the world a better place, one business at a time.

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